Terry, where are you?

terry, where are you?
are you still alive?
i hope so and doing fine.

do you remember me?
the white kid from the windy city?
i hope so. you were kind.

you took me to the pow wow.
you taught me how to dance.
you invited me into the circle.

each summer’s end
you stayed and i went back home,
grateful for our time.

when the final summer came
we thought there would be more.
we never thought to say good bye.

we sat by the water and watched
how reeds bow to the waves,
a lone eagle flying high above

looking down on our friendship
while ancestral drums shook the ground.
terry, where are you now?

remember how our fathers stood
side by side and watched us
enjoy friendship’s joyful countenance?

we met as strangers from other worlds.
we dared to be walk small town streets,
breaking the rules of racists and fools.

we entered forbidden places.
we grew closer with each rejection.
we lampooned the hatred.

i was a summer visitor to your trauma.
i was colonial offspring but you loved me.
terry i miss you.

if i ever cross your mind,
i hope you find a smile on your face.
i loved you, too.

but if i don’t i understand.
for years i had forgotten you
and then, there you were

in my mind, in my heart,
in these fading years of age
terry where are you?

are you still alive?
i hope so and doing fine.