cropped-cropped-mooseintheroadbanner.jpgThe Anticipate Blog features the writing of Mark Holmgren.  He writes about social issues, innovation, leadership, collaboration, and the non-profit sector.
Mark is driven by the desire to change community conditions that cause and perpetuate poverty and the marginalization of the vulnerable and disadvantaged. A proven leader of poverty reduction efforts, Mark is known for his innovative eye and his ability to converge big picture thinking with on the ground implementation.

As the Director of Vibrant Communities Canada, Mark leads Tamarack’s engagement of 75 member communities leading local poverty reduction efforts and works with his team to develop learning opportunities and resources that add value to this Pan-Canadian network.

In addition to his ability to facilitate groups of all sizes around strategy development and solution-building, Mark has built and delivered curriculum related to collective impact, community innovation, strategic planning, and non-profit leadership.  Mark is a provocative speaker who challenges the status quo and fosters new and innovative ways of seeing and addressing social issues.

See more at the Tamarack Website.


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