I am available for custom consulting work, key notes, and workshops through Tamarack Institute.

Click on About to find out more about how I might be of assistance.

For more info, click here. Email me at mark@tamarackcommunity.ca for more info.

Current or Recent Contracts

  • Kahnawà:ke Mohawk Territory: Collective Impact facilitation and consultation. Helping to produce a long-term collective impact initiative to address community identified socio-economic and cultural challenges and opportunities.
  • Grande Prairie Poverty Reduction Roundtable: Assisting the round table with launching poverty reduction initiatives in 2017 while building a long-term poverty reduction strategy.
  • Homelessness and Housing Partnership, Halifax. Working with a multi-sectoral partnership table to further develop partnership initiatives.
  • Alberta Council on Disability Services: Keynote address on a Game-Changer Approach to Community Change Strategy and Evaluation and a workshop on Upside Down Thinking.
  • Board Leadership Conference, Edmonton. Key note address on Upside Down Thinking: Heresy as a Catalyst for Transformation.

Past Clients

  • Social Planning Council of Cambridge and North Dumfries, speaker at the 11th Annual Poverty Symposium: Turning it Upside Down and subsequent session facilitation.
  • CARYA, Calgary: Facilitation to converge 5 teams under a Collective Impact Model
  • Revelsoke, BC.: Keynote on the Socio-Economics of Poverty and an evening workshop for the public.
  • Healthy Kids Network, Thunder Bay: designed and delivered two strategy sessions, one with residents and one with the steering committee

One Day Tamarack Learning Events

  • Upside Down Thinking: Disrupting the Status Quo, Red Deer
  • Upside Down Thinking: Disrupting the Status Quo, Calgary

Tamarack Learning Event Workshops

Mark has spoken and delivered workshops at various Tamarack learning events as well as for a learning event in Denver, including:

  • Upside Down Thinking and Poverty Reduction
  • Upside Down Thinking: Disrupting the Status Quo
  • Case Study on the Community Bridge, an eviction prevention prototype Mark developed when CEO at Bissell Centre
  • Community Engagement
  • Trickle Down Community Engagement
  • The So-What of Social Media
  • Trends the Leaders Cannot Ignore
  • Raising Friends and Resources
  • Journey Mapping
  • Co-creating a Culture of Innovation
  • Single, Double and Triple Loop Learning

To learn more about custom work and workshops Mark offers go to:

A Game Changer Approach to Poverty Reduction Strategy and Evaluation- interviewed by Mark Cabaj – Recording is HERE

Working in Complexity, a Case for Upside Down Thinking, with Elayne Greely. For the recording,  Click Here 

Other past clients include (pre-Tamarack days)

  • Aspen Family Services, Calgary – Upside Down Thinking and Strategy Development
  • Children’s Planning Table, Kitchener-Waterloo: Upside Down Thinking key note
  • Alberta Museum Association Conference – Key note and workshop on Upside Down Thinking
  • Edmonton Social Planning Council: facilitation of sessions to create a Strategic Framework, a method of planning developed by Mark.
  • Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations – Luncheon Session: Collective Impact: Watch out for the Pendulum Swing.


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