Zombie-like at Wally World

I walked around Wal-Mart the other day. From one end to the other. I bought stuff and almost bought other stuff. I asked a staff person where something was. She pointed. "Over there past the George Foremans, next to the computer stuff." Perhaps I looked dazed. She added, "Yeh I know. No matter where you … Continue reading Zombie-like at Wally World

Tales of Sofa Land and Wally Mart

Saturday our new sectional sofa was delivered from none other than, ta da, Sofa Land. It is quite wonderful and so huge both of us can lie down and not have our feet touch our respective arms at the end of our respective reclining seats - yes, that's right. It has two seats that recline, electronically, … Continue reading Tales of Sofa Land and Wally Mart