Collective Wisdom and Group Dynamics

I think most of us would agree that group think can cover more ground and depth than me-think. More bright minds addressing an issue or forging an innovation make more sense than Mister I-Know-Best going it alone. All of us have likely been a member of a magical group, a group that just clicked and … Continue reading Collective Wisdom and Group Dynamics

Tamarack Conference, Day Two

I am tired so this will be brief. Very impressed with the morning speaker, John Ott, one of the authors of the Power of Collective Wisdom. Attendees received a free copy of the book, so I am looking forward to the read. A few key learnings from the session: We cannot create wisdom but we … Continue reading Tamarack Conference, Day Two

Tamarack Conference – Day One

I am enjoying the  Tamarack 2010 Communities Collaborating Institute (CCI2010). Paul Born, president and co-founder of Tamarack,  opened the conference with the Stone Soup story, a children's story that teaches the value of cooperation and collaboration amongst community members, the importance of leadership and ingenuity, not to mention the power of story telling. Our workshop guide … Continue reading Tamarack Conference – Day One

Stand By Me

This video was played at Tamarack's 2010 Communities Collaborating Institute (CCI2010) and if you haven't seen it, please do. Musicians all over the world who never met collaborating on this old, timeless, and inspirational piece of music. - From the award-winning documentary, "Playing For Change: Peace Through Music", comes the first of many "songs … Continue reading Stand By Me