Recording of Upside Down Thinking Webinar

On January 22, I was part of a Tamarack Institute webinar with my friend and colleague, Elayne Greeley. Our topic was Working in Complexity, a Case for Upside Down Thinking. I have been doing a lot of thinking about thinking and in particular about how to create cognitive tools we can use to help community practitioners … Continue reading Recording of Upside Down Thinking Webinar

Reflecting on Tamarack’s 2013 Communities Collaborating Institute

How does one feel exhausted and energized at the same time? Well, attend a Tamarack CCI and you will understand that sentiment! Accelerating Impact was this year’s theme and rally cry, and it prompted some excellent conversation at the Learning Pod I facilitated. When asked what accelerating impact meant to him, one of our pod … Continue reading Reflecting on Tamarack’s 2013 Communities Collaborating Institute

I Believe in the Barking Dog

  I BELIEVE IN THE BARKING DOG for Harley, a one of a kind dog, may he rest in peace I believe in the barking dog. He keeps me awake for a reason. He digs holes and jumps fences. He wags his tail without shame and cares not what he knocks over with his happiness. … Continue reading I Believe in the Barking Dog

Reflections on Tamarack’s Gathering in Kitchener

It’s late afternoon in Kitchener Ontario where I am attending the Tamarack Communities Collaborating Institute (Tamarack CCI). In less than two days, I have had my mind challenged by the thinking and experience of Tim Brodhead (former CEO of the McConnell Foundation), Paul Schmitz (advisor to President Obama), and Meg Wheatley (author and teacher). I … Continue reading Reflections on Tamarack’s Gathering in Kitchener

Idea Dancing & Pebbles from Heaven:

Reflections on Tamarack's 2010 CCI Conference This article is published in the current edition of Engage. Lots of good stuff there. I assess the success of a conference in terms of how it challenges my ideas and practices; fosters the exchange of questions and perspectives; and, as John Ott would say, “welcomes all that arises.” … Continue reading Idea Dancing & Pebbles from Heaven:

Collective Wisdom and Group Dynamics

I think most of us would agree that group think can cover more ground and depth than me-think. More bright minds addressing an issue or forging an innovation make more sense than Mister I-Know-Best going it alone. All of us have likely been a member of a magical group, a group that just clicked and … Continue reading Collective Wisdom and Group Dynamics

Tamarack Conference, Day Two

I am tired so this will be brief. Very impressed with the morning speaker, John Ott, one of the authors of the Power of Collective Wisdom. Attendees received a free copy of the book, so I am looking forward to the read. A few key learnings from the session: We cannot create wisdom but we … Continue reading Tamarack Conference, Day Two