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Tag: Collective Impact

Heretical Propositions: Toward Democratic Philanthropy (Part One)

 This is the first installment of a series from a long essay I am writing about philanthropy or more specifically about the need for a major, if not radical shift, toward democratic philanthropy. The essay will be included in a book of exposition and criticism I am writing, currently entitled “Heretical Propositions.” Money can mean a lot of things for those who have it. It can feed us, open doors, and keep us safe and warm. For those who have a lot of it — we call that “wealth” — it also provides influence… Read more Heretical Propositions: Toward Democratic Philanthropy (Part One)

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Collective Impact – A few thoughts

I was born with a pronounced cynicism gene. I think it makes me a good learner, but I do have to remind myself on occasion to keep learning. That’s why I attended Tamarack’s Champions for Change gathering that was all about Collective Impact. I wasn’t going to go because I didn’t have much time for Collective Impact. I had read the articles; it made sense, but I weaved through the narrative too quickly perhaps and formed a short conclusion that this was a different and also very good piece on… Read more Collective Impact – A few thoughts

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