Willie’s been missing since Bosco threw him out for drinking more than he had money for. Word on the street is the next day Willie got himself 55 hundred, charmed it out of the Welfare Board for the back pay owed him for his disability.

Seems he got all sobered up and shaved and showered and smelling sweet and went down to the government building and talked humble-like to the people there about how hard it is for an old Indian with a bad leg, one eye, and no family to make it on skid row.

If Willie hasn’t been arrested or died, he’ll be back when the money’s spent wearing new clothes and a shit grin, bragging how he was fucking day and night, drinking wine and eating steak, playing the horses and the wheel and how he tipped the white maid a hundred for room service.

He’ll be full of good stories and he’ll have us wishing we was him and smart enough to trick the Welfare, except for his old lady who’ll be pissed off for being left behind.

And when he tells us he’s back for good, he’ll be looking each one of us straight in the eye, as if to make sure we understand exactly what that means.

And come nightfall we’ll all head off to see Bosco, hoping he’ll be in a good mood, and everything will be back to normal, exactly the way the Welfare pays it to be.

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