Artist in Residence

You’ve heard about Writers or Artists in Residence. What about having one for your summit, conference, or association gatherings?

Over the past two years, Mark has provided “inspirations” at various points during Tamarack Institute’s summits and gatherings. These inspirations have included original songs written by Mark, as well as the performance of songs by other writers (e.g. Stan Rogers’ Northwest Passage).

Mark has also provided spoken word pieces: poems, reflections, and little stories that complement the conference theme as well as the work experiences of participants. He has held open stages as well during conference events.

Some examples:

Let’s Take a Break from Being Good.

Seeing What Matters

Louie and Bruno

In addition, Mark has delivered workshops at these conferences, custom developed for the particular conference context.

Mark is an experienced speaker and performer. As a singer-songwriter, he performed at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, North Country Fair, and on radio numerous times. He has performed poetry at the Fringe Theatre Festival. As a speaker/workshop leader, he has spoken at international, national, and local conferences.

You can check out some of Mark’s original music:

Walter was a Thin Man

The Occasional Traveler

Hard Life


A video of Mark’s song he opened with at the 2015 Poverty Reduction Summit is HERE.

If you are interested in adding inspirational interludes to your conference, send Mark a note. 

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