Online Entrepreneur

I have been selling online since 2015 when I first began listing coins for sale on and on eBay. While I still sell on both, I operate two large shops, Village Coin Canada which was build on Shopify and Zen Hill Studio which we launched in August 2021. Both have more than 400 listings.

We cannot compete with the big national and international coin and bullion shops when it comes to price but our niche has been to offer more variety and the be a location where collectors go to find what they can’t find at the big shops, like Captain America below, a pure silver, hand made sculpture, weighing 1.37 ounces, and standing a bit over one inch. This is made by a Canadian Blacksmith who also mints various silver and copper bars, rounds, and creative hand poured bars as well. I also own Iron Man, the Bat Mobile and other bullion creations by this artisan.

But we carry classic coins too, like the Goose Silver Dollar from 1967, the last year Canada made silver dollars for circulation. The one below is in mint, uncirculated condition, not a common find.

We have expanded over the years to now include collectibles and jewelry and we sell a variety of Tibetan items as well. Below are some examples. Below is a beautiful glass figurine by Tom Hoffman and to its right is the sailing ship, one of the many bronze medallions we have listed by none other than Salvador Dali. Below it is a very old scarce Canadian large cent in mint state condition.

If you want to know more about my online businesses and what I am working on next, please drop me a line

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