Finally. A Decision

I know so many of you have been waiting for this. It's a burden i carry to have such responsibility and to know how many of you are counting on me, waiting to hear the results of my research. After considering all of the data, performing cross tabulations by seasons and time of day and … Continue reading Finally. A Decision

Bowling Shirts

The other day I was perusing a recent Face Book posting from Jordan Pearson (one of my partner's sons). He was sporting a rather "unique" fur coat and having some fun posing in it. Check it out. Anyway I got to thinking. We all have our eclectic moments, especially in our youth. I used to, for … Continue reading Bowling Shirts

Tales of Sofa Land and Wally Mart

Saturday our new sectional sofa was delivered from none other than, ta da, Sofa Land. It is quite wonderful and so huge both of us can lie down and not have our feet touch our respective arms at the end of our respective reclining seats - yes, that's right. It has two seats that recline, electronically, … Continue reading Tales of Sofa Land and Wally Mart

What’s Different About Me?

I saw a colleague at a meeting. He said, "Something is different about you." I shrugged. I had no clue. He kept looking at me. "Hey," I said. "You're staring at me." He laughed. I laughed. We joined others for our meeting. Half way through, he leaned over, grinned, and said, "I just realized what's … Continue reading What’s Different About Me?

Face Book Speculations, Rants, and Other Offerings

Reposted from my Face Book page, with some additional wit and charm. RACISM AT THE GROCERY STORY Two women working at Safeway overheard: "Oh it's not us who text while driving. No, no, it's Lebanese woman you know hiding their phones under those things they wear on their heads, those parkas or bookas or something." … Continue reading Face Book Speculations, Rants, and Other Offerings

Tamarack 2015 Community Impact Summit. Phew!

What a summit it was! 260 people from Canada, the United States, Denmark, Guatemala, Singpore, New Zealand and beyond, working and learning together, inspired by the likes of Al Etmanski (my favorite speaker at the event), Fay Hanleybrown, Stacey Stewart, and Karen Pittman - all of whom gave keynote addresses. Dozens of workshops were led by Paul Born, … Continue reading Tamarack 2015 Community Impact Summit. Phew!