Anti-Terrorist Terrorism

I know a few people who, sadly, hate Muslims because some Muslims have committed crimes, terrorism, and are guilty of racism and intolerance for others. Of course I find such racism disgusting and in itself intolerable. The same logic should hold, shouldn't it, that Christians are terrorists, as our Jews, for the hateful things some of … Continue reading Anti-Terrorist Terrorism


At night each light tells a story: small rebellions in the darkness. We do not know what the stories mean or who offers them. They are strangers. Strangers we wonder about telling stories we wonder about. It does not matter if we find out who they are or the meaning of their lights. Wonder is what … Continue reading Wonder

Snips: Wager. Think. Data. Face Book.

Wager. I bet that homeless people don't sit in a circle in the back lane trying to define poverty before they can go seek shelter and a sandwich. *** Think. When we talk of the marginalized, we marginalize them even further. *** Data Data points at signals and combines together into patterns that often defy … Continue reading Snips: Wager. Think. Data. Face Book.

Finally. A Decision

I know so many of you have been waiting for this. It's a burden i carry to have such responsibility and to know how many of you are counting on me, waiting to hear the results of my research. After considering all of the data, performing cross tabulations by seasons and time of day and … Continue reading Finally. A Decision

Bowling Shirts

The other day I was perusing a recent Face Book posting from Jordan Pearson (one of my partner's sons). He was sporting a rather "unique" fur coat and having some fun posing in it. Check it out. Anyway I got to thinking. We all have our eclectic moments, especially in our youth. I used to, for … Continue reading Bowling Shirts