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Why do we love bad stories about charities?

A recent headline: “Charity watchdog urges donors to think twice before giving to Calgary Flames Foundation.” Read it here if you haven’t already. The article does not paint the Flames Foundation in a positive light. That said, I am not here to debate if the foundation is a cash hoarder or an expensive charity. I am wondering why this is the article the Edmonton Journal chose to write. There are so many incredible stories to tell about the lives changed by charitable work. Stories about people who overcame racism, homelessness,… Read more Why do we love bad stories about charities?

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Some Days Are Rich!

Some days are rich. I meet and talk with incredible people, people working hard to make positive change in their (in our) community. Yesterday I met with a delightful woman who is working with others to craft innovative approaches to ending racism. Ending racism is one of the game-change strategies of End Poverty Edmonton. Can you imagine how much better life would be if people celebrated our differences rather than lashed out at them? I met with another inspiring woman who is leading major development in our city, dedicated to… Read more Some Days Are Rich!

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Was that you I saw standing on the edge?

I was the Lumber Jack size of a man with his toes on the precipice just a stone’s throw away from you.  My toes were nearly hanging over, which meant my belly extended even further over the edge. The other side – that place beyond the chasm where I wanted to be – wasn’t all that far away. I imagined if I backed up 20 yards and ran fast, I could make the leap with room to spare. Were you thinking the same thing? I tried not to look down… Read more Was that you I saw standing on the edge?

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Circle Dance

I am not really here though I think I am. I could be living life over there (you know) where I cannot abide. But I’m not. It appears I think too much. Wherever I am, I am there and here and everywhere. So please, let me take my seat and sit this one out. I will watch everything and provide eloquent criticism from my very safe place. You know, like everybody does over there.

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