Why Strategic Planning Goes Wrong

reprinted by request As a consultant, executive staff member, board director, and teacher, I have had the opportunity to engage in a lot of strategic planning. I think about it, research it, and look for ideas to make it work better than how it tends to work. It has always bothered me to know that … Continue reading Why Strategic Planning Goes Wrong

Becoming a Learning Organization – Part Two

ACTION LEARNING According to Michael J. Marquardt[1], “action learning is a dynamic process that involves a small group of people solving real problems, while at the same time focusing on what they are learning and how their learning can benefit [one another]….Perhaps action learning's most valuable capacity is its amazing, multiplying impact to equip individuals, … Continue reading Becoming a Learning Organization – Part Two


Update Introduction: This is the first time in my long career in the non profit sector that I actually believe a Task Force will make a big difference. I am talking about the Mayor of Edmonton's Task Force to Eliminate Poverty. Because of Mayor Iveson's consistent leadership and voice on this matter and because of … Continue reading WHY NOT FREE PUBLIC TRANSIT? (Updated)

RCVO Connections

The RCVO's spring issue is out, which features an article I wrote on why strategic planning goes wrong. Also a good piece about mergers, some learning opportunities to look at, a few web picks. You can read my article here on my blog or download the newsletter (below) Click HERE for the PDF of the … Continue reading RCVO Connections