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Often we struggle talking to one another because our thoughts and ideas are positioned as separate from, if not against, the thoughts and ideas of others. Dialogue is a practice developed by David Bohm and others that focuses on the “shared exploration towards greater understanding, connection, or possibility.” Suggested guidelines for dialogue are: We talk about what’s really important to us. Sometimes we jump around in discussions, allow ourselves to meander to tangents that keep us from what the group really needs to discuss and figure out. It is important… Read more MORE ABOUT DIALOGUE

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Collaboration: convergence to create new value

Do a Google search on “collaboration” and the majority of hits you generate will actually be about collaboration tools or software, not the activity of collaboration. This is similar to the concept of customer relationship management. Search for that phrase and you end up with a litany of CRM software tools.  I would not suggest collaboration or CRM technologies are not good tools to have, but they are just that: tools. Collaboration is about people. These people may represent organizations and do so well, but ultimately organizational action is all… Read more Collaboration: convergence to create new value

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Why Planning Goes Wrong

The biggest reason plan’s fail is that people don’t do the plan. They don’t do it because they have not collectively embraced it, have not structured their work to do it, and are not spending the time and effort to make changes in behavior to do it. This is why all strategic planning consultants and writers will tell you that a plan’s success depends on the unwavering leadership and involvement of the CEO. If that is absent, the change required to bring plans to life will not happen. A second… Read more Why Planning Goes Wrong

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