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Why Strategic Planning Goes Wrong

reprinted by request As a consultant, executive staff member, board director, and teacher, I have had the opportunity to engage in a lot of strategic planning. I think about it, research it, and look for ideas to make it work better than how it tends to work. It has always bothered me to know that more often than not strategic planning efforts go awry. In another article I wrote on this topic, I stated the biggest reason why strategic plans fail is that people don’t do them. While there is… Read more Why Strategic Planning Goes Wrong

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Non-Profits and Lean Thinking

I had a conversation recently with my management team about capacity challenges and capacity building. I did so because it is not uncommon for those in our organization (and those in others as well) to “feel” like they are maxed out in terms of the work and challenges facing them. We work pretty hard at Bissell Centre and I can understand how that sentiment can surface. An organization’s capacity is generally expressed in terms of its: Human Resources (how many staff, volunteers, their skills, their knowledge and experience, as well as… Read more Non-Profits and Lean Thinking

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