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Social Media – What Now?

Most non-profits are active on the web and understand the importance of ensuring there are ample opportunities for cross sharing between websites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms like Pinterest. My sense is that only a minority of non-profits – truly understand and then embrace social media as being vital to communication with stakeholders, increasing brand awareness, promoting a cause, and generating philanthropic interest and action in their organizations. I understand it is difficult for many non-profits to allocate a staff person or more importantly overall staff time to social… Read more Social Media – What Now?

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Thoughts about the Imagine Canada Forum

Got home a bit ago after taking in the Imagine Canada Forum here in Edmonton. I estimate 80, maybe a hundred folks attended, so a pretty good turnout. This was the first of the provincial forums Imagine Canada will be doing over the next several months. I extend KUDOS to the organization for embarking on a journey with others in order to create some pan-Canadian strategies to both strengthen the nonprofit/voluntary sector AND ensure that the public (including business and government folk) truly understand the value of the work and… Read more Thoughts about the Imagine Canada Forum

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Social Media Revolution

This video had to be refreshed by the authors because things are changing so fast. Here is the latest version. This is compelling evidence as to whey engaging in social media is no longer an option to consider. It is what needs to be done to be relevant and engaged with your stakeholders.

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Social Networking: Creating Transformational Change

If you follow this blog at all, you know I am an advocate for non profits and businesses becoming more strategic about social media – in particular social networks.  It’s not just because social networks are cool online applicati0ns. My reason for pitching social networks is because people use them. They use them a lot. But don’t take my word for it. Here are some trends from The Neilsen Company – just published in March 2009 which . “Social Networking has been the global consumer phenomenon of 2008. Two-thirds of… Read more Social Networking: Creating Transformational Change

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Build Your Own Social Network

While many organizations are setting up Facebook and MySpace pages, such social networking sites pose a number of challenges for you. First, if you read the fine print, such services will often claim that they can use your materials for any reason you wish. You may not want that. Second, your purpose may not lend itself well to the “openness” of Facebook or MySpace. For example, if you want a social network for your donors, or a particular customer segment, how would you manage who can join your network, given… Read more Build Your Own Social Network

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