Using YouTube to promote your cause

Here's what YouTube suggests you do. I know. You still have to create the video and that takes resources, but today the cost of equipment is far less than it once was. The resource demand is more about time and talent, but this is one area where perhaps non profits can collaborate - both on … Continue reading Using YouTube to promote your cause

Non-Profits: pay attention to “crowdsourcing”

According to McMillan Dictionary, "Crowdsourcing is trying to find a way of completing a task, a solution to a problem, etc. by asking a wide range of people or organisations if they can help, typically by using the Internet." Crowdsourcing is the next evolution of "outsourcing." Whereas the latter speaks of sending work or functions … Continue reading Non-Profits: pay attention to “crowdsourcing”

Social Media ROI: Socialnomics

If you think businesses aren't making money or finding efficiencies from Social Media, watch this video. I can't see why these kind of results are not similar to what nonprofits can achieve - with the right strategies in place. Social Media, like everything else, requires strategic thinking and the ability to try very different ways … Continue reading Social Media ROI: Socialnomics

Who provides the money to charities?

One might think in Canada, with all its emphasis on social programs, that the government provides a larger percentage of funding to nonprofit organizations that does the United States. According to Charity Village, that's not true. In Canada 31% of revenues to charities come from government; US governments provide 57%. The differences don't end there. … Continue reading Who provides the money to charities?

This isn’t change. It is transformation

This is how things work. Someone sends me a link to a blog (thanks Carol). I go to that blog and see some links in the body of a posting that interest me (thanks Lucy). One link takes me to wiki site (i.e. a collaborative site) about trends. There read a posting by Laurie who … Continue reading This isn’t change. It is transformation

Gen-Y and Social Media Resources

I have been doing some research into Generation Y and social media, and thought I would share some interesting articles, postings, and resources with you. Marketing to Generation Y: The Experience Culture "Generation Y. You’ve heard that they don’t watch TV, and you’ve probably been told that they don’t read that much. Your research tells … Continue reading Gen-Y and Social Media Resources