Everybody seems to be doing it. Facebook has 400 million members (well, last time I checked). Twitter is growing like dandelions, and YouTube is now the second most popular search engine. Flickr has created a social network around images. LinkedIn is gaining popularity in Canada as a networking site for professionals. Ning has become the … Continue reading SOCIAL MEDIA AND YOUR NONPROFIT

Degrees of social interaction

I  came across an interesting blog posting on social interaction and the concept of a business becoming a social business. Max Lieberman writes: Here are examples of the 6 Degrees of Social Interaction from the Business’s Perspective. Since this is a continuum, as you progress from 1-6, the characteristics suggest that the Business is becoming … Continue reading Degrees of social interaction

The Anatomy of Trust

This is a great post on social media and how trust is built through word of mouth and social networking. The image below is from the posting and I encourage you to go take a look. "Trust in other people is established on the basis of promises kept. Either explicitly or implicitly we judge that … Continue reading The Anatomy of Trust

Transparent Engagement

It's risky no doubt to post your customers ideas and suggestions on your blog or website. Often ideas will in effect be criticisms and what benefit is there to that? Apparently lots because more and more organizations are engaging their customers in the actual operations of their business. Here is one example: Starbucks. Some might consider … Continue reading Transparent Engagement

Using YouTube to promote your cause

Here's what YouTube suggests you do. I know. You still have to create the video and that takes resources, but today the cost of equipment is far less than it once was. The resource demand is more about time and talent, but this is one area where perhaps non profits can collaborate - both on … Continue reading Using YouTube to promote your cause

Non-Profits: pay attention to “crowdsourcing”

According to McMillan Dictionary, "Crowdsourcing is trying to find a way of completing a task, a solution to a problem, etc. by asking a wide range of people or organisations if they can help, typically by using the Internet." Crowdsourcing is the next evolution of "outsourcing." Whereas the latter speaks of sending work or functions … Continue reading Non-Profits: pay attention to “crowdsourcing”