The So-What about Social Media

This presentation was given today via video conference to Hanna Learning Centre and Return to Rural. While a slideshow can't tell the whole story, this was a three hour session that addressed social media strategy, an overview of marketing and social media (their differences and potential synergies, target audiences, and a tour of various applications. … Continue reading The So-What about Social Media

Social Media Landscape

CLICK HERE FOR A LARGER VIEW (PDF) social media landcape, originally uploaded by markholmgren. Check this out. A very cool diagram from my colleague, Brent MacKinnon. Check out his website/blog and see what he is doing out in the Toronto area. Brent and I have formed an alliance focused on helping organizations develop social media … Continue reading Social Media Landscape

Thoughts about the Imagine Canada Forum

Got home a bit ago after taking in the Imagine Canada Forum here in Edmonton. I estimate 80, maybe a hundred folks attended, so a pretty good turnout. This was the first of the provincial forums Imagine Canada will be doing over the next several months. I extend KUDOS to the organization for embarking on … Continue reading Thoughts about the Imagine Canada Forum

Fundraising Innovations (but so much more than that)

I spend a fair amount of my "free" time looking into trends that are and will be impacting the nonprofit sector. The kind of trends I am interested in go beyond what we gather from traditional sources like Stats Canada and Imagine Canada (both of which I hold in very high regard by the way). … Continue reading Fundraising Innovations (but so much more than that)


Everybody seems to be doing it. Facebook has 400 million members (well, last time I checked). Twitter is growing like dandelions, and YouTube is now the second most popular search engine. Flickr has created a social network around images. LinkedIn is gaining popularity in Canada as a networking site for professionals. Ning has become the … Continue reading SOCIAL MEDIA AND YOUR NONPROFIT