Rethinking Economic Growth

We live in a world - especially in the western world - where it is just given that economic growth is a sacrosanct necessity in order to ensure continued prosperity. If a company is not growing each quarter, investors look elsewhere to invest their money. If businesses are not continually adding new products and bells … Continue reading Rethinking Economic Growth

Social Media Resources

Our work in social media strategy development and social media implementation has helped us come across a wide set of resources. This is just a small list of learning resources developed by Mark Holmgren and Brent MacKinnon that can help you understand certain applications as well as facilitate some strategic thinking within your organization. I … Continue reading Social Media Resources

Who provides the money to charities?

One might think in Canada, with all its emphasis on social programs, that the government provides a larger percentage of funding to nonprofit organizations that does the United States. According to Charity Village, that's not true. In Canada 31% of revenues to charities come from government; US governments provide 57%. The differences don't end there. … Continue reading Who provides the money to charities?

The So-What about Social Networking

You've probably heard of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and perhaps LinkedIn, but have you thought about how social networking (and its many manifestations) can add value to your organization's mission, its impact in community, and/or building relationships with donors and volunteers? So, what is "social networking?" In the simplest of terms, social networking … Continue reading The So-What about Social Networking

Social Networking: Creating Transformational Change

If you follow this blog at all, you know I am an advocate for non profits and businesses becoming more strategic about social media - in particular social networks.  It's not just because social networks are cool online applicati0ns. My reason for pitching social networks is because people use them. They use them a lot. … Continue reading Social Networking: Creating Transformational Change