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A Techno-Nerd Rant

I am a bit of a techno-nerd despite my graying beard and there is much about technology that has changed so many lives for the better, but this post is not about those technologies. I am getting leery of being a digital archetype whose privacy is non-existent. My identity, choices, experiences, rants, goofy pictures, cynicism, humour, not to mention my infinite wisdom are “out there”. I am millions of data bits analyzed and aggregated with one purpose in mind: control me. It feels like paranoia, but it can’t be. I take… Read more A Techno-Nerd Rant

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Social Media – What Now?

Most non-profits are active on the web and understand the importance of ensuring there are ample opportunities for cross sharing between websites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms like Pinterest. My sense is that only a minority of non-profits – truly understand and then embrace social media as being vital to communication with stakeholders, increasing brand awareness, promoting a cause, and generating philanthropic interest and action in their organizations. I understand it is difficult for many non-profits to allocate a staff person or more importantly overall staff time to social… Read more Social Media – What Now?

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Social Media Resources

Our work in social media strategy development and social media implementation has helped us come across a wide set of resources. This is just a small list of learning resources developed by Mark Holmgren and Brent MacKinnon that can help you understand certain applications as well as facilitate some strategic thinking within your organization. I hope it is helpful. The Facebook Guide Book This guide book provides training and resource in the following areas: Facebook 101, Managing your Facebook Wall, Facebook for Businesses (or organizations), using Facebook applications, and… Read more Social Media Resources

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The So-What about Social Media

This presentation was given today via video conference to Hanna Learning Centre and Return to Rural. While a slideshow can’t tell the whole story, this was a three hour session that addressed social media strategy, an overview of marketing and social media (their differences and potential synergies, target audiences, and a tour of various applications. For more information contact Mark at This presentation was a collaboration between Mark Holmgren Consulting and Social Media Tools (Brent MacKinnon)

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