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Leanings toward heresy

Complex and Simple By acknowledging that societal issues and solutions are complex, do we then believe complex solutions are the only options? Is it true that a complex issue cannot have a simple solution? * Data Data is neither good nor bad. It offers no explanation and on its own cannot provide a definitive sense of progress or under performance. We determine such judgement by holding pieces of data in comparison to one another. We are selective. We have to be, but what we select is also always about what… Read more Leanings toward heresy

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Snips: Wager. Think. Data. Face Book.

Wager. I bet that homeless people don’t sit in a circle in the back lane trying to define poverty before they can go seek shelter and a sandwich. *** Think. When we talk of the marginalized, we marginalize them even further. *** Data Data points at signals and combines together into patterns that often defy our assumptions. Data is not truth. It cannot generalize the human condition or human potential. As soon as data becomes our religion, it becomes false hope at best or worse a restraint used to deny… Read more Snips: Wager. Think. Data. Face Book.

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What’s Different About Me?

I saw a colleague at a meeting. He said, “Something is different about you.” I shrugged. I had no clue. He kept looking at me. “Hey,” I said. “You’re staring at me.” He laughed. I laughed. We joined others for our meeting. Half way through, he leaned over, grinned, and said, “I just realized what’s different about you.” “Okay,” I said. ” I’ll bite.” “It’s your hair,” he said. “My hair?” “Yep,” he said. “It’s combed.”

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