Why Speak Ill of Charity?

It's sad. There are too many people who speak ill of charities. Some making sweeping accusations or conclusions without any real evidence or understanding. Some prefer to focus on the mistakes charities make (and of course they make some) rather than the good they deliver, There are some who think the continuation of social problems … Continue reading Why Speak Ill of Charity?

Heretical Propositions: Toward Democratic Philanthropy (Part Two)

(CONTINUED...  If you missed Part One in this series, you can find it here.) It is well documented that those countries where the Income Gap between the wealthiest and poorest citizens tend to have a higher degree of crime, incarceration, mental illness, and health problems. Both the United States and Canada have wide gaps between … Continue reading Heretical Propositions: Toward Democratic Philanthropy (Part Two)

Heretical Propositions: Toward Democratic Philanthropy (Part One)

 This is the first installment of a series from a long essay I am writing about philanthropy or more specifically about the need for a major, if not radical shift, toward democratic philanthropy. The essay will be included in a book of exposition and criticism I am writing, currently entitled "Heretical Propositions." Money can mean a lot of things … Continue reading Heretical Propositions: Toward Democratic Philanthropy (Part One)


Taken from WHAT’S NEXT for PHILANTHROPY, Monitor Institute Download Report "As innovation theorist Bhaskar Chakrovorti explains in The Slow Pace of Fast Change, 'The players in various networked markets appear to be prisoners of their own individualism. The problem is that the decisions that make sense at the individual or institutional level are not necessarily … Continue reading WHAT’S NEXT for PHILANTHROPY

Fundraising Innovations (but so much more than that)

I spend a fair amount of my "free" time looking into trends that are and will be impacting the nonprofit sector. The kind of trends I am interested in go beyond what we gather from traditional sources like Stats Canada and Imagine Canada (both of which I hold in very high regard by the way). … Continue reading Fundraising Innovations (but so much more than that)

Current Issue of The Philanthropist

Here are the current offerings from this important journal, featuring articles by Edmontonians Martin Garber-Conrad (Edmonton Community Foundation) and Bob Wyatt (Muttart Foundation) as well other excellent food for thought pieces.  Visit and bookmark http://www.thephilanthropist.ca and check out their past issues. Articles Overview from Canada: Modernising Charity Law Abstract PDF Bob Wyatt   "Oil and Water … Continue reading Current Issue of The Philanthropist


Writers on generational change suggest that younger people, being the first digital natives (meaning they grew up on the Internet) developed at an earlier age their view of making a difference and because of their exposure to and use of the Internet have a perspective on philanthropy that is global in nature. Organizations are showing … Continue reading Sprout