Saving Philanthropy

From  A documentary film called Saving Philanthropy is currently under production. The subtitle is “Moving from charity to social investing before it’s too late.”...“Saving Philanthropy is a documentary film exploring the issues confronting effective philanthropic giving, specifically those involving the funding of direct service organizations. The film contends that direct service organizations must be … Continue reading Saving Philanthropy

Looking into the future

No one has a crystal ball that can predict definitively what the future will look like but there is a fair amount of forecasting that can be done that is based on demography. We know that the birthrate can help planners understand what the demand for schools and teachers will be in the future. It's really … Continue reading Looking into the future

Gen-Y and Social Media Resources

I have been doing some research into Generation Y and social media, and thought I would share some interesting articles, postings, and resources with you. Marketing to Generation Y: The Experience Culture "Generation Y. You’ve heard that they don’t watch TV, and you’ve probably been told that they don’t read that much. Your research tells … Continue reading Gen-Y and Social Media Resources

Snapshot: Alberta’s NonProfit/Voluntary Sector

If you are interested in Alberta's NonProfit/Voluntary Sector Initiative, please take a look at the ANVSI webpages at Alberta Culture and Community Spirit. Click HERE. Below are some statistics about the sector, which tell a significant story of the impact of what is often called "the third sector." The Alberta Nonprofit / Voluntary Sector… • … Continue reading Snapshot: Alberta’s NonProfit/Voluntary Sector

Ten Ideas to Strengthen the NonProfit Sector

In this posting I offer 10 ideas that non profit sector organizations might consider undertaking to strengthen themselves.. All of them may not be necessary to the same degree for your organization but this list of ten transformations does, I believe, contain at least several major changes your organization should at least think about. Here they … Continue reading Ten Ideas to Strengthen the NonProfit Sector