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Category: Racism

I am an immigrant

I am an immigrant. I did become a Canadian citizen about 5 years after I got here. But before that I worked at a number of jobs but never once heard anyone give me crap because I took a “Canadian’s job.” I did have one rather snotty Canadian inform me (at Heritage Days no less) that now that I had left the United States I would have to abandon my melting pot mythology and accept the inherent wisdom of the Canadian mosaic. It was all rather amusing, but that was… Read more I am an immigrant

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Anti-Terrorist Terrorism

I know a few people who, sadly, hate Muslims because some Muslims have committed crimes, terrorism, and are guilty of racism and intolerance for others. Of course I find such racism disgusting and in itself intolerable. The same logic should hold, shouldn’t it, that Christians are terrorists, as our Jews, for the hateful things some of them have done to humankind. I made the mistake of trying to talk sense to one person who is dead set against taking in Syrian refugees because they will destroy Canada, harm our “Christian values,”… Read more Anti-Terrorist Terrorism

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Face Book Speculations, Rants, and Other Offerings

Reposted from my Face Book page, with some additional wit and charm. RACISM AT THE GROCERY STORY Two women working at Safeway overheard: “Oh it’s not us who text while driving. No, no, it’s Lebanese woman you know hiding their phones under those things they wear on their heads, those parkas or bookas or something.” Just mentioning this as a public service and to assist the Edmonton Police Service in honing in on Lebanese women so they can stop wasting their time watching out for Caucasians or men for that matter.… Read more Face Book Speculations, Rants, and Other Offerings

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