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First, there is not knowing,affectionately christened, bliss. Then, there is the question:is this all one can know? This leads to question after question,which is as far as knowing goes.

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I am an immigrant

I am an immigrant. I did become a Canadian citizen about 5 years after I got here. But before that I worked at a number of jobs but never once heard anyone give me crap because I took a “Canadian’s job.” I did have one rather snotty Canadian inform me (at Heritage Days no less) that now that I had left the United States I would have to abandon my melting pot mythology and accept the inherent wisdom of the Canadian mosaic. It was all rather amusing, but that was… Read more I am an immigrant

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The New Normal Report

Everyone is talking about the “new normal” of living through the COVID-19 pandemic. We know we are facing overwhelming situations and conditions. Millions of Canadians are out of work. People are living isolated from one another (well, at least for the most part). Schools are shut down. All of them! Thousands upon thousands of small businesses are close to the edge of ruin. Stock markets tanked. The Saudis and Russians thought now would be a good time to tank oil prices. The above is more than a brief and inadequate… Read more The New Normal Report

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The Joy of Knowing Buddy

Buddha and I were having a beer. Actually he ordered a hard cider. Before he invited me out to the bar, I had always thought Buddha didn’t partake. Come to think of it I never pictured him doing much more than sit on his ass with a big grin on his face. After a few ciders, I clued into the cause of his happiness. We lived in the same neighborhood. We first met at Max and Cherry’s Laundromat and Gift Shoppe. We were folding clothes at adjacent tables. He was buttoning… Read more The Joy of Knowing Buddy

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Circle Dance

I am not really here though I think I am. I could be living life over there (you know) where I cannot abide. But I’m not. It appears I think too much. Wherever I am, I am there and here and everywhere. So please, let me take my seat and sit this one out. I will watch everything and provide eloquent criticism from my very safe place. You know, like everybody does over there.

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