Premier Prentice – My Two Cents about the Budget

UPDATE... at the request of the Edmonton Journal, I rewrote the piece below and the EJ published it HERE. Dear Premier Prentice: We met west of Edmonton at a BBQ when you were campaigning for your position. I appreciated your speech and remember thinking you could be a strong Premier and move our Province forward … Continue reading Premier Prentice – My Two Cents about the Budget

The Charity Slam: Enough Already

It’s been going on for quite some time to be honest. Often it’s just subtle derision producing comments like “charities need to be more business-like” or “My goodness, how many charities do we really need?” Other times the charity slam manifests as a rant against “poverty pimps” or a rail against artists who create things … Continue reading The Charity Slam: Enough Already

Homeless-Proofing the Streets

Do you know what these photographs are of? The photo above are of a spiked surface of the underbelly of a highway overpass. Apparently homeless people sleep under the overpass is too unsightly. Better they go somewhere else. How about they go sleep on a bench somewhere? It appears the non-homeless have been on that … Continue reading Homeless-Proofing the Streets