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Category: Homelessness

What’s wrong? People are suffering.

I never understood “don’t shoot the messenger” as the stereotypical retort the messenger must use to defend her delivery of a message. Maybe we need a new cultural utterance like “You know how the messenger shoots those who don’t listen.” Sometimes the message is actually a question, albeit unsettling in that the inquiry is unanticipated or more often, unwanted. We tend to prefer questions we can answer from our current inventory of answers. It allows us comfort and stability. Even when we craft something new or design an innovation, all… Read more What’s wrong? People are suffering.

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Guaranteed Minimum Annual Income in Alberta?

The Mayors of Edmonton and Calgary are talking about it (read). Many agree with them and I am one; it’s worth a good look. In fact, I suggest that a guaranteed annual income be considered as a foundational strategy to lift hundreds of thousands of people out of poverty. Whether or not it will work depends on a myriad of factors that I do hope we will aptly include in a comprehensive approach to poverty elimination. I won’t pretend that I know what the answers are for what ails us.… Read more Guaranteed Minimum Annual Income in Alberta?

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Premier Prentice – My Two Cents about the Budget

UPDATE… at the request of the Edmonton Journal, I rewrote the piece below and the EJ published it HERE. Dear Premier Prentice: We met west of Edmonton at a BBQ when you were campaigning for your position. I appreciated your speech and remember thinking you could be a strong Premier and move our Province forward in a variety of ways. I am sure you weren’t all that happy that shortly after winning the post you faced plummeting oil prices and the prospect of $7 billion or so in lost revenue. I… Read more Premier Prentice – My Two Cents about the Budget

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Homeless-Proofing the Streets

Do you know what these photographs are of? The photo above are of a spiked surface of the underbelly of a highway overpass. Apparently homeless people sleep under the overpass is too unsightly. Better they go somewhere else. How about they go sleep on a bench somewhere? It appears the non-homeless have been on that one too. The photo below is of homeless-proof benches. These homeless-proof inventions are taking place in China and Great Britain. In Toronto they are building office buildings with slanted window ledges at street level to… Read more Homeless-Proofing the Streets

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