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We can’t do it when we are young. We know too little. We have not tasted enough truth. Eventually we can taste everything: the sweet, the bitter, everything in between. One day, Wisdom appears at our door. Small and unsure at first, it speaks nonetheless, each word finding courage from the last. One day we walk around a corner and there it is waiting for use: that space so deep inside where our nature resides, that which never changes, the constant “I.” It is not the “self” but that which… Read more Acceptance

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It’s hard to find. There are so many who do not want you to have any. They think it belongs to them. They think that if you have any, they will not have enough for themselves. Thankfully, there are those who want you to have it feel it breathe it be alive with it. Welcome them. Have the pride you deserve. It is not the only reason but it is a very good reason to dance.

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Make Things

  Make things. Whether you have a purpose or not. Even if you do not understand what you have made. Keep making things. If you do not, you will have nothing.

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The Music of Collaboration

  At the Cities Reducing Poverty: When Mayor’s Lead gathering that Tamarack’s Vibrant Communities hosted in Edmonton April 5 to 7, one of my many roles and privileges was to be an MC at a reception at City Hall for summit participants. At this event, the trio Asani performed their version of our national anthem and two other incredible songs, sung in their native language. (At the end of this posting is a video of them singing O Canada.) What I heard and saw and felt were received by me… Read more The Music of Collaboration

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When I close my eyes I see music. Particles of light shining, floating in the umbra. I feel it ebb and flow I breathe is melody, its message. I feel it in my skin I feel it wrapping its warmth around my bones. And when I finally open my eyes, I am its composition.

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Circle Dance

I am not really here though I think I am. I could be living life over there (you know) where I cannot abide. But I’m not. It appears I think too much. Wherever I am, I am there and here and everywhere. So please, let me take my seat and sit this one out. I will watch everything and provide eloquent criticism from my very safe place. You know, like everybody does over there.

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