I wonder. Have we have been hoodwinked. co-opted, and led to the altar of a false god – or at the very least, an imperfect one? Back in the early days of outcome proliferation, we were told – some say promised –outcomes would save the day. They would be good for us, direct us to … Continue reading CHALLENGING THE OUTCOME OF OUTCOMES

Is SROI another bandwagon?

If the title of this posting seems a tad cynical, I confess to it up front.  But the question being posed is meant to stir thinking more so than debunk SROI (which stands for "Social Return on Investment"). Honest truth is I don't know enough about SROI to sing masterfully its praises or lampoon it or anything … Continue reading Is SROI another bandwagon?

Ten Ideas to Strengthen the NonProfit Sector

In this posting I offer 10 ideas that non profit sector organizations might consider undertaking to strengthen themselves.. All of them may not be necessary to the same degree for your organization but this list of ten transformations does, I believe, contain at least several major changes your organization should at least think about. Here they … Continue reading Ten Ideas to Strengthen the NonProfit Sector

Measuring Results

Everyone wants to do this. And everyone in the evaluation business has something to say about how to do it. So why not us too! We believe the evaluation of results is less complicated than organizations make it. Of course, we know from experience that often evaluating our work is made cumbersome by funders and … Continue reading Measuring Results