Use your experience and talents to move through your shortcomings. There will always be challenges you don’t have the skills to address. Use what you’ve got to keep going, admit what you don’t know, and involve others who can bring to the table what you cannot. Be straight with your staff. When they rock and … Continue reading 10 LEADERSHIP TIPS

Upside Down Thinking

So many great minds in our sector are talking about the need to change, the urgency to transform services and operations in ways that not only fit our chaotic environment but influence its future as well. We tend to be rather good at seeing what should change and why, but life becomes much more difficult … Continue reading Upside Down Thinking

Leadership in Complex Times

Announcing the Release of Leadership in Complex Times: Must-Have Leadership Qualities and Abilities Introduction I have been working on this long essay for a year now on and off, and while I am never quite sure if I am done, I figure it is well enough along the way to share by now. I hope … Continue reading Leadership in Complex Times

Are There Too Many Non-Profits in Alberta Duplicating Service? (2012 UPDATE)

|Download Report| A couple years ago I published a short piece called “Are There Too Many Non-Profit Organizations in Alberta Duplicating Services?” which attempted to increase the public’s understanding of the make-up of the voluntary sector while also challenging the facile notion that so many of society’s problems would be solved if non-profits stopped all … Continue reading Are There Too Many Non-Profits in Alberta Duplicating Service? (2012 UPDATE)

Article top pick at Customer Think

I got this email today from the editor of Customer Think: Congratulations! Your post made my "Top 10" list for the past week: Watch out for the pendulum swing http://www.customerthink.com/blog/watch_out_for_the_pendulum_swing This week's Advisor email newsletter will feature your post as an Editor's Pick. Thanks for contributing to CustomerThink! Bob Thompson Founder/CEO http://www.customerthink.com The posting cited … Continue reading Article top pick at Customer Think

threeSOURCE: A Research & Resource Hub

 <Released in support of the Edmonton Social Planning Council> Information isn’t hard to come by, but separating the good from the bad takes time. For anyone working in the nonprofit, voluntary and social services sectors – what we like to refer to collectively as the third sector – time is of the essence. We often … Continue reading threeSOURCE: A Research & Resource Hub

Imagine Canada Update: A Framework for Action

Earlier this year I attended a dialogue session facilitated by Imagine Canada here in Edmonton. It was the first stop on a pan-Canadian effort by Imagine Canada to have dialogue about drivers of change in the nonprofit sector with an eye on identifying proposed actions to ensure Canada has a strong, vibrant non profit sector … Continue reading Imagine Canada Update: A Framework for Action