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Let’s Stop Assuming Non-Profits Should Just Be Run Like a Business.

It is not uncommon for business leaders or entrepreneurs to suggest that charities need to behave more like business. Of course non-profit operations should be based on sound financial and management principles and practices, but I suggest blanket statements like “be more like business” ignore some fundamental differences between private and non-profit sector organizations. Often this advice is offered pejoratively, as if such business-minded people believe that non-profits lack business-savvy and consequently are inefficient or at least could be run much more effectively.  There’s another angle on this: business-savvy tends… Read more Let’s Stop Assuming Non-Profits Should Just Be Run Like a Business.

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Use your experience and talents to move through your shortcomings. There will always be challenges you don’t have the skills to address. Use what you’ve got to keep going, admit what you don’t know, and involve others who can bring to the table what you cannot. Be straight with your staff. When they rock and roll, make sure you give them the credit they deserve. When things are not going as you want them to, say so, but not to inflict blame. Rather include in your criticism questions and ideas… Read more 10 LEADERSHIP TIPS

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Upside Down Thinking

So many great minds in our sector are talking about the need to change, the urgency to transform services and operations in ways that not only fit our chaotic environment but influence its future as well. We tend to be rather good at seeing what should change and why, but life becomes much more difficult when trying to figure out the how. It used to be how-type challenges were about improving quality, achieving incremental growth, tweaking a program, or coming up with a better way to do this or that.… Read more Upside Down Thinking

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Article top pick at Customer Think

I got this email today from the editor of Customer Think: Congratulations! Your post made my “Top 10” list for the past week: Watch out for the pendulum swing This week’s Advisor email newsletter will feature your post as an Editor’s Pick. Thanks for contributing to CustomerThink! Bob Thompson Founder/CEO The posting cited is right below this one, but I encourage you to check out Bob’s site.

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Social Media Resources

Our work in social media strategy development and social media implementation has helped us come across a wide set of resources. This is just a small list of learning resources developed by Mark Holmgren and Brent MacKinnon that can help you understand certain applications as well as facilitate some strategic thinking within your organization. I hope it is helpful. The Facebook Guide Book This guide book provides training and resource in the following areas: Facebook 101, Managing your Facebook Wall, Facebook for Businesses (or organizations), using Facebook applications, and… Read more Social Media Resources

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