Competition and Duplication are not Evil

One of our Edmonton-based sector thought leaders, Liz O’Neill, is known for saying something like: “Non-profits are expected to collaborate in the morning and compete for resources in the afternoon.” She’s right of course, but are we truly trying to understand what she is saying and how to address this contradiction in our work as … Continue reading Competition and Duplication are not Evil

Drivers of Collaboration

This is reprinted from a recent newsletter. If you want to see back issues or sign up go here. In a previous posting I wrote featured an essay called, "On Collaboration" and promised at the end of it a follow up with the Drivers of Collaboration. Promise kept, though a little later than I had … Continue reading Drivers of Collaboration

Reflections on Tamarack’s Gathering in Kitchener

It’s late afternoon in Kitchener Ontario where I am attending the Tamarack Communities Collaborating Institute (Tamarack CCI). In less than two days, I have had my mind challenged by the thinking and experience of Tim Brodhead (former CEO of the McConnell Foundation), Paul Schmitz (advisor to President Obama), and Meg Wheatley (author and teacher). I … Continue reading Reflections on Tamarack’s Gathering in Kitchener

Article top pick at Customer Think

I got this email today from the editor of Customer Think: Congratulations! Your post made my "Top 10" list for the past week: Watch out for the pendulum swing This week's Advisor email newsletter will feature your post as an Editor's Pick. Thanks for contributing to CustomerThink! Bob Thompson Founder/CEO The posting cited … Continue reading Article top pick at Customer Think

Thinking about How I Think

A prospective client asked me to come talk with a few board members about how I think about transformative change and how I might help their organization work through some significant short-term and long-term challenges and aspirations. There was a time - when I was oh so young -- when I might have gone and … Continue reading Thinking about How I Think

threeSOURCE: A Research & Resource Hub

 <Released in support of the Edmonton Social Planning Council> Information isn’t hard to come by, but separating the good from the bad takes time. For anyone working in the nonprofit, voluntary and social services sectors – what we like to refer to collectively as the third sector – time is of the essence. We often … Continue reading threeSOURCE: A Research & Resource Hub

Tamarack Conference, Day Two

I am tired so this will be brief. Very impressed with the morning speaker, John Ott, one of the authors of the Power of Collective Wisdom. Attendees received a free copy of the book, so I am looking forward to the read. A few key learnings from the session: We cannot create wisdom but we … Continue reading Tamarack Conference, Day Two