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We can’t do it when we are young. We know too little. We have not tasted enough truth. Eventually we can taste everything: the sweet, the bitter, everything in between. One day, Wisdom appears at our door. Small and unsure at first, it speaks nonetheless, each word finding courage from the last. One day we walk around a corner and there it is waiting for use: that space so deep inside where our nature resides, that which never changes, the constant “I.” It is not the “self” but that which… Read more Acceptance

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Tamarack 2015 Community Impact Summit. Phew!

What a summit it was! 260 people from Canada, the United States, Denmark, Guatemala, Singpore, New Zealand and beyond, working and learning together, inspired by the likes of Al Etmanski (my favorite speaker at the event), Fay Hanleybrown, Stacey Stewart, and Karen Pittman – all of whom gave keynote addresses. Dozens of workshops were led by Paul Born, Mark Cabaj, Liz Weaver, and other Tamarack learning leaders. I was honoured to be one of two artists in residence, doing music and spoken word throughout the week and to be able to give two… Read more Tamarack 2015 Community Impact Summit. Phew!

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Louie and Bruno

I was in a board meeting in the Operation Friendship drop in centre. I was positioned so I could see out of the windows into the courtyard. During the meeting I noticed Louie walking slowly toward the rooming house door. Louie was a short, slender man, about 65 years of age. I turned my attention back to the meeting but it was soon again diverted when I heard a hoarse voice shouting profanity. Louie had stopped and turned and he was angry, yelling at someone that was out of my… Read more Louie and Bruno

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Non-Profits and Lean Thinking

I had a conversation recently with my management team about capacity challenges and capacity building. I did so because it is not uncommon for those in our organization (and those in others as well) to “feel” like they are maxed out in terms of the work and challenges facing them. We work pretty hard at Bissell Centre and I can understand how that sentiment can surface. An organization’s capacity is generally expressed in terms of its: Human Resources (how many staff, volunteers, their skills, their knowledge and experience, as well as… Read more Non-Profits and Lean Thinking

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A Few Thoughts on the Tamarack CISummit 2014

Five days is a lot of time and content for 300 people to spend and digest. What impresses me consistently about Tamarack is that they bring in excellent speakers who are more than knowledge experts. They also bring passion to their work and they are also here to engage and learn. The best teacher is one who learns from her/his students. It helps too that the Tamarack folks understand the need for play space, for ample breaks and good food and of course on one of the evenings a great… Read more A Few Thoughts on the Tamarack CISummit 2014

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