Use your experience and talents to move through your shortcomings. There will always be challenges you don’t have the skills to address. Use what you’ve got to keep going, admit what you don’t know, and involve others who can bring to the table what you cannot. Be straight with your staff. When they rock and … Continue reading 10 LEADERSHIP TIPS

Drivers of Collaboration

This is reprinted from a recent newsletter. If you want to see back issues or sign up go here. In a previous posting I wrote featured an essay called, "On Collaboration" and promised at the end of it a follow up with the Drivers of Collaboration. Promise kept, though a little later than I had … Continue reading Drivers of Collaboration

Nelson Mandela’s 7 Leadership Lessons

To read the entire posting go HERE (1) Master your meaning and your emotions (2) Treat the losers with dignity and turn them into partners (3) Shift perspectives through symbolism and shared experiences (4) Embody the spirit of Ubuntu* (5) Everybody feels bigger in your presence (6) Build a sustainable fellowship around your cause (7) … Continue reading Nelson Mandela’s 7 Leadership Lessons

Leadership in Complex Times

Announcing the Release of Leadership in Complex Times: Must-Have Leadership Qualities and Abilities Introduction I have been working on this long essay for a year now on and off, and while I am never quite sure if I am done, I figure it is well enough along the way to share by now. I hope … Continue reading Leadership in Complex Times

I Believe in the Barking Dog

  I BELIEVE IN THE BARKING DOG for Harley, a one of a kind dog, may he rest in peace I believe in the barking dog. He keeps me awake for a reason. He digs holes and jumps fences. He wags his tail without shame and cares not what he knocks over with his happiness. … Continue reading I Believe in the Barking Dog

Reflections on Tamarack’s Gathering in Kitchener

It’s late afternoon in Kitchener Ontario where I am attending the Tamarack Communities Collaborating Institute (Tamarack CCI). In less than two days, I have had my mind challenged by the thinking and experience of Tim Brodhead (former CEO of the McConnell Foundation), Paul Schmitz (advisor to President Obama), and Meg Wheatley (author and teacher). I … Continue reading Reflections on Tamarack’s Gathering in Kitchener