Pictures tell the story: Income Inequality

"The top 10 per cent of earners have seen their share of income rise from 34 per cent in 1982 to 42.5 per cent in 2007. At the very top, the highest one per cent of earners in Canada accounted for almost one-third of all income growth from 1997-2007. "At the bottom of the income scale, … Continue reading Pictures tell the story: Income Inequality

Recording of Upside Down Thinking Webinar

On January 22, I was part of a Tamarack Institute webinar with my friend and colleague, Elayne Greeley. Our topic was Working in Complexity, a Case for Upside Down Thinking. I have been doing a lot of thinking about thinking and in particular about how to create cognitive tools we can use to help community practitioners … Continue reading Recording of Upside Down Thinking Webinar

The Charity Slam: Enough Already

It’s been going on for quite some time to be honest. Often it’s just subtle derision producing comments like “charities need to be more business-like” or “My goodness, how many charities do we really need?” Other times the charity slam manifests as a rant against “poverty pimps” or a rail against artists who create things … Continue reading The Charity Slam: Enough Already

Heretical Propositions: Toward Democratic Philanthropy (Part Two)

(CONTINUED...  If you missed Part One in this series, you can find it here.) It is well documented that those countries where the Income Gap between the wealthiest and poorest citizens tend to have a higher degree of crime, incarceration, mental illness, and health problems. Both the United States and Canada have wide gaps between … Continue reading Heretical Propositions: Toward Democratic Philanthropy (Part Two)

Expanding our Thinking about Poverty

For the majority of us, the experience of poverty is unimaginable. We intuit it must be difficult; we can read the reports of its impact and have some understanding, but in the end, we do not know poverty to the degree and depth those who live with it do. That said, think about the decisions … Continue reading Expanding our Thinking about Poverty

We Need More “Human” in “Development”

In an Edmonton Journal article written by David Staples on May 9th, he asked:  “Is Edmonton suffering from a bad case of Big-Shiny-Thing-itis?” Often the answer is in the question, isn’t it? Our community spent $90 million on the Art Gallery. The Arena and the Museum will cost $820 million. Add to that all the … Continue reading We Need More “Human” in “Development”

Income Inequality – Where’s the Tipping Point?

If you ask me if I support a living wage, I will say "yes," but if you also tell me that the living wage (at least in urban centres like Edmonton) is about $14.00 per hour, I might be a tad skeptical. That's just over $29,000 before taxes and other deductions and it's based on … Continue reading Income Inequality – Where’s the Tipping Point?