We Need More “Human” in “Development”

In an Edmonton Journal article written by David Staples on May 9th, he asked:  “Is Edmonton suffering from a bad case of Big-Shiny-Thing-itis?” Often the answer is in the question, isn’t it? Our community spent $90 million on the Art Gallery. The Arena and the Museum will cost $820 million. Add to that all the … Continue reading We Need More “Human” in “Development”

Income Inequality – Where’s the Tipping Point?

If you ask me if I support a living wage, I will say "yes," but if you also tell me that the living wage (at least in urban centres like Edmonton) is about $14.00 per hour, I might be a tad skeptical. That's just over $29,000 before taxes and other deductions and it's based on … Continue reading Income Inequality – Where’s the Tipping Point?