We Need More “Human” in “Development”

In an Edmonton Journal article written by David Staples on May 9th, he asked:  “Is Edmonton suffering from a bad case of Big-Shiny-Thing-itis?” Often the answer is in the question, isn’t it? Our community spent $90 million on the Art Gallery. The Arena and the Museum will cost $820 million. Add to that all the … Continue reading We Need More “Human” in “Development”

The Scoop on Social Impact Bonds

I just came from an excellent meeting with local colleagues who lead some of the best known non profits in town.  We were talking about a number of things, but one topic was the emergence of social impact bonds (SIBs) as another method of financing social/health programs. Social Impact Bonds are very new and the … Continue reading The Scoop on Social Impact Bonds

Thinking about Progress

I am glad to see so much attention being paid by many community groups to addressing poverty. The Vibrant Communities initiative across the country is heartening and it is producing results in terms of achieving poverty reduction for thousands of households. An evaluation of this intiative is forthcoming, if not already released from Tamarack. I … Continue reading Thinking about Progress

Community Transformation, Not Just Sector Change

There is a growing body of information about the trends and forces facing non-profit organizations and even more opinions on how the sector needs to address them. There is a lot of talk and a good amount of action taking place around shared services and shared space. Social enterprise is becoming more of a player … Continue reading Community Transformation, Not Just Sector Change

Too many NonProfits?

There are 19000 non profits in Alberta.  That is one non profit organization for every 189 Albertans, so a ratio of 1:189. What do you think of that number? Does it suggest to you there are too many non profits? Well let's dig deeper. Consider the following: There are 728 Albertans per Sports Groups 1,894 … Continue reading Too many NonProfits?