Community Transformation, Not Just Sector Change

There is a growing body of information about the trends and forces facing non-profit organizations and even more opinions on how the sector needs to address them. There is a lot of talk and a good amount of action taking place around shared services and shared space. Social enterprise is becoming more of a player … Continue reading Community Transformation, Not Just Sector Change

Thoughts about the Imagine Canada Forum

Got home a bit ago after taking in the Imagine Canada Forum here in Edmonton. I estimate 80, maybe a hundred folks attended, so a pretty good turnout. This was the first of the provincial forums Imagine Canada will be doing over the next several months. I extend KUDOS to the organization for embarking on … Continue reading Thoughts about the Imagine Canada Forum


Writers on generational change suggest that younger people, being the first digital natives (meaning they grew up on the Internet) developed at an earlier age their view of making a difference and because of their exposure to and use of the Internet have a perspective on philanthropy that is global in nature. Organizations are showing … Continue reading Sprout

Is SROI another bandwagon?

If the title of this posting seems a tad cynical, I confess to it up front.  But the question being posed is meant to stir thinking more so than debunk SROI (which stands for "Social Return on Investment"). Honest truth is I don't know enough about SROI to sing masterfully its praises or lampoon it or anything … Continue reading Is SROI another bandwagon?