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Premier Prentice – My Two Cents about the Budget

UPDATE… at the request of the Edmonton Journal, I rewrote the piece below and the EJ published it HERE. Dear Premier Prentice: We met west of Edmonton at a BBQ when you were campaigning for your position. I appreciated your speech and remember thinking you could be a strong Premier and move our Province forward in a variety of ways. I am sure you weren’t all that happy that shortly after winning the post you faced plummeting oil prices and the prospect of $7 billion or so in lost revenue. I… Read more Premier Prentice – My Two Cents about the Budget

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Questions We Must Answer to End Poverty

Over my career in the human services sector, I have been a part of many collaborative and cross-sector efforts that were formed to address a critical social problem. In most cases, if not all, the social problem being addressed was interwoven with economics. So, the problem was more accurately a socio-economic problem. As well every problem we worked on was understood and addressed through myriad lenses. Government, business, non-profit lenses were abundant and then of course each individual from those sectors brought to the table their own mindsets, beliefs and… Read more Questions We Must Answer to End Poverty

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We all feel better, more confident, when the unemployment rate in Canada is low and getting lower. More people working, more money being spent on consumer goods, less dependence on government programs – it all makes sense. In addition to tracking the unemployment rate, we also track the participation rate, which is basically how many people of working age (typically ages 15 to 65). The higher the participation rate, the better for the economy. Unfortunately, we tend to use simple data to explain and then understand complex things. In a… Read more Employment/Unemployment

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