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Category: Non Profit Workforce

Premier Prentice – My Two Cents about the Budget

UPDATE… at the request of the Edmonton Journal, I rewrote the piece below and the EJ published it HERE. Dear Premier Prentice: We met west of Edmonton at a BBQ when you were campaigning for your position. I appreciated your speech and remember thinking you could be a strong Premier and move our Province forward in a variety of ways. I am sure you weren’t all that happy that shortly after winning the post you faced plummeting oil prices and the prospect of $7 billion or so in lost revenue. I… Read more Premier Prentice – My Two Cents about the Budget

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More Info about the NP Sector

The latest edition of the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organization’s IN BRIEF series, Challenging Perceptions & Misconceptions of Alberta’s Voluntary Sector, sheds some light on these comments and poses additional questions to be pondered. You might also be interested in this MHC think piece about if there are too many non profits duplicating services. It is in the side bar of this blog or HERE There are also links to some of the data Imagine Canada did about Alberta’s giving and volunteering at the NPVS Table website. Other posts on… Read more More Info about the NP Sector

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Non Profit Workforce – What’s the data?

We have got to start digging deeper into the data we have to make sure we understand what the real issues and challenges are. And as we do that we will find compelling reasons why we need to dig even deeper. Just working with big numbers doesn’t help us to hone in and figure out strategy. So here’s some drill down about the non profit workforce in Alberta. There are just over 19,000 non profit organizations. For the sake of simplicity, I am sticking with the 19,000 number. There are 175,000… Read more Non Profit Workforce – What’s the data?

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