Becoming a Learning Organization – Part One

SINGLE, DOUBLE, AND TRIPLE LOOP LEARNING One key to organizational success has to do with the capacity of people to learn - learn from mistakes as well as learn from successes. The call for organizational learning has escalated over the years ever since our culture and economy transitioned from a "we make things" focus to … Continue reading Becoming a Learning Organization – Part One


Often we struggle talking to one another because our thoughts and ideas are positioned as separate from, if not against, the thoughts and ideas of others. Dialogue is a practice developed by David Bohm and others that focuses on the “shared exploration towards greater understanding, connection, or possibility.” Suggested guidelines for dialogue are: We talk … Continue reading MORE ABOUT DIALOGUE

Write to Inspire Action – 10 Principles

Writing well involves so much more than putting words to paper. People write to communicate ideas and emotions to challenge and motivate people to action, to reinforce common beliefs or deconstruct perceptions. The intentions one brings to writing can be as varied as the number of words in a dictionary. Business writing is no less … Continue reading Write to Inspire Action – 10 Principles

Degrees of social interaction

I  came across an interesting blog posting on social interaction and the concept of a business becoming a social business. Max Lieberman writes: Here are examples of the 6 Degrees of Social Interaction from the Business’s Perspective. Since this is a continuum, as you progress from 1-6, the characteristics suggest that the Business is becoming … Continue reading Degrees of social interaction

This isn’t change. It is transformation

This is how things work. Someone sends me a link to a blog (thanks Carol). I go to that blog and see some links in the body of a posting that interest me (thanks Lucy). One link takes me to wiki site (i.e. a collaborative site) about trends. There read a posting by Laurie who … Continue reading This isn’t change. It is transformation

The So-What about Social Networking

You've probably heard of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and perhaps LinkedIn, but have you thought about how social networking (and its many manifestations) can add value to your organization's mission, its impact in community, and/or building relationships with donors and volunteers? So, what is "social networking?" In the simplest of terms, social networking … Continue reading The So-What about Social Networking