Tamarack 2015 Community Impact Summit. Phew!

What a summit it was! 260 people from Canada, the United States, Denmark, Guatemala, Singpore, New Zealand and beyond, working and learning together, inspired by the likes of Al Etmanski (my favorite speaker at the event), Fay Hanleybrown, Stacey Stewart, and Karen Pittman - all of whom gave keynote addresses. Dozens of workshops were led by Paul Born, … Continue reading Tamarack 2015 Community Impact Summit. Phew!

What’s wrong? People are suffering.

I never understood “don’t shoot the messenger” as the stereotypical retort the messenger must use to defend her delivery of a message. Maybe we need a new cultural utterance like “You know how the messenger shoots those who don’t listen.” Sometimes the message is actually a question, albeit unsettling in that the inquiry is unanticipated … Continue reading What’s wrong? People are suffering.

What are “Market Forces” Anyway?

I was reading an article about the NDP Government's dialogue with the oil industry. I apologise for not recording the URL, but one of the major topics was the environment of course. One CEO was quoted as saying something like the government should let big business deal with environmental goals based on market forces. While … Continue reading What are “Market Forces” Anyway?

Collective Impact: Watch Out for the Pendulum Swing

Collective Impact is all the rage. In my field, everyone is studying it, doing it, and lauding its virtues. Its birth is sourced from an article written a few years back in the Stanford Social Innovation Review by John Kania and Mark Kramer. The brilliance of this initial article, simply titled, Collective Impact, isn’t because … Continue reading Collective Impact: Watch Out for the Pendulum Swing

Guaranteed Minimum Annual Income in Alberta?

The Mayors of Edmonton and Calgary are talking about it (read). Many agree with them and I am one; it's worth a good look. In fact, I suggest that a guaranteed annual income be considered as a foundational strategy to lift hundreds of thousands of people out of poverty. Whether or not it will work … Continue reading Guaranteed Minimum Annual Income in Alberta?

Let’s Take a Break from Doing Good

Let’s forget our worries and our doubts and walk together unencumbered by the need for a destination. Let’s close the big books of plans and studies and turn down the volume of all that best practice noise. Let’s prefer to have faith in something less predictable and confining. Let’s agree to never again meet in board rooms, … Continue reading Let’s Take a Break from Doing Good

On Creativity and Collective Impact

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking” -Albert Einstein At Tamarack’s Collective Impact Summit in October 2014, I had the pleasure of hosting a dinner with about ten of the summit participants. My co-host was the wonderfully creative Elayne Greeley who did some incredible art work of the summit … Continue reading On Creativity and Collective Impact