Becoming a Learning Organization – Part One

SINGLE, DOUBLE, AND TRIPLE LOOP LEARNING One key to organizational success has to do with the capacity of people to learn - learn from mistakes as well as learn from successes. The call for organizational learning has escalated over the years ever since our culture and economy transitioned from a "we make things" focus to … Continue reading Becoming a Learning Organization – Part One

Collective Impact – A few thoughts

I was born with a pronounced cynicism gene. I think it makes me a good learner, but I do have to remind myself on occasion to keep learning. That’s why I attended Tamarack’s Champions for Change gathering that was all about Collective Impact. I wasn’t going to go because I didn’t have much time for … Continue reading Collective Impact – A few thoughts

Competition and Duplication are not Evil

One of our Edmonton-based sector thought leaders, Liz O’Neill, is known for saying something like: “Non-profits are expected to collaborate in the morning and compete for resources in the afternoon.” She’s right of course, but are we truly trying to understand what she is saying and how to address this contradiction in our work as … Continue reading Competition and Duplication are not Evil

Reflecting on Tamarack’s 2013 Communities Collaborating Institute

How does one feel exhausted and energized at the same time? Well, attend a Tamarack CCI and you will understand that sentiment! Accelerating Impact was this year’s theme and rally cry, and it prompted some excellent conversation at the Learning Pod I facilitated. When asked what accelerating impact meant to him, one of our pod … Continue reading Reflecting on Tamarack’s 2013 Communities Collaborating Institute

Upside Down Thinking

So many great minds in our sector are talking about the need to change, the urgency to transform services and operations in ways that not only fit our chaotic environment but influence its future as well. We tend to be rather good at seeing what should change and why, but life becomes much more difficult … Continue reading Upside Down Thinking

Drivers of Collaboration

This is reprinted from a recent newsletter. If you want to see back issues or sign up go here. In a previous posting I wrote featured an essay called, "On Collaboration" and promised at the end of it a follow up with the Drivers of Collaboration. Promise kept, though a little later than I had … Continue reading Drivers of Collaboration