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Category: Group Dynamics

The Music of Collaboration

  At the Cities Reducing Poverty: When Mayor’s Lead gathering that Tamarack’s Vibrant Communities hosted in Edmonton April 5 to 7, one of my many roles and privileges was to be an MC at a reception at City Hall for summit participants. At this event, the trio Asani performed their version of our national anthem and two other incredible songs, sung in their native language. (At the end of this posting is a video of them singing O Canada.) What I heard and saw and felt were received by me… Read more The Music of Collaboration

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Together, Differently

I sit on the Mayor of Edmonton’s Task Force to End Poverty. It’s a diverse group including the expected mix of leaders from government, business, education and community services. At a recent gathering we were working together to increase common understanding about poverty as well as to move forward with identifying strategies. In this session we were gathered in small groups around round tables. At my table the folks there represented those that might be considered to be on the far left and those on the far right and everything… Read more Together, Differently

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More About Generative Conversations

Reprinted from our e-newsletter – see back issues and sign up HERE What is a Generative Conversation? A generative conversation is basically a dialogue among people interested in learning and exchanging ideas about a topic they have agreed to talk about. More specifically, dialogue is: “shared exploration towards greater understanding, connection, or possibility” (Co-Intelligence Institute). Another way of saying this is that dialogue is the art of listening together. An effective generative conversation, then, has people engaged in the sharing of perspectives, questions and ideas that produce a common understanding and help… Read more More About Generative Conversations

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Often we struggle talking to one another because our thoughts and ideas are positioned as separate from, if not against, the thoughts and ideas of others. Dialogue is a practice developed by David Bohm and others that focuses on the “shared exploration towards greater understanding, connection, or possibility.” Suggested guidelines for dialogue are: We talk about what’s really important to us. Sometimes we jump around in discussions, allow ourselves to meander to tangents that keep us from what the group really needs to discuss and figure out. It is important… Read more MORE ABOUT DIALOGUE

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Culture as Strategy

No doubt you have heard the expression “culture eats strategy for breakfast” or something similar. And basically it’s true. You can have the best, well crafted strategy but it will only be effective if the culture of the organization can and will support its implementation. Culture is not usually identified as something we explicitly craft strategy about. We do that indirectly because any strategy that is about change will challenge the beliefs, norms, and relationships in an organization.  Cultural change in those instances is more a byproduct of strategy than… Read more Culture as Strategy

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