The Music of Collaboration

  At the Cities Reducing Poverty: When Mayor's Lead gathering that Tamarack's Vibrant Communities hosted in Edmonton April 5 to 7, one of my many roles and privileges was to be an MC at a reception at City Hall for summit participants. At this event, the trio Asani performed their version of our national anthem … Continue reading The Music of Collaboration

Together, Differently

I sit on the Mayor of Edmonton’s Task Force to End Poverty. It’s a diverse group including the expected mix of leaders from government, business, education and community services. At a recent gathering we were working together to increase common understanding about poverty as well as to move forward with identifying strategies. In this session … Continue reading Together, Differently

More About Generative Conversations

Reprinted from our e-newsletter - see back issues and sign up HERE What is a Generative Conversation? A generative conversation is basically a dialogue among people interested in learning and exchanging ideas about a topic they have agreed to talk about. More specifically, dialogue is: “shared exploration towards greater understanding, connection, or possibility” (Co-Intelligence Institute). … Continue reading More About Generative Conversations


We all know collaboration is at the heart of making positive change in society. We know this primarily because we tell one another it must be true. We tell ourselves that the range and depth of change needed to improve our communities can only be accomplished by working together. We deploy maxims like “no one … Continue reading ON COLLABORATION