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Category: Collective Wisdom

Was that you I saw standing on the edge?

I was the Lumber Jack size of a man with his toes on the precipice just a stone’s throw away from you.  My toes were nearly hanging over, which meant my belly extended even further over the edge. The other side – that place beyond the chasm where I wanted to be – wasn’t all that far away. I imagined if I backed up 20 yards and ran fast, I could make the leap with room to spare. Were you thinking the same thing? I tried not to look down… Read more Was that you I saw standing on the edge?

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Together, Differently

I sit on the Mayor of Edmonton’s Task Force to End Poverty. It’s a diverse group including the expected mix of leaders from government, business, education and community services. At a recent gathering we were working together to increase common understanding about poverty as well as to move forward with identifying strategies. In this session we were gathered in small groups around round tables. At my table the folks there represented those that might be considered to be on the far left and those on the far right and everything… Read more Together, Differently

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Upside Down Thinking

So many great minds in our sector are talking about the need to change, the urgency to transform services and operations in ways that not only fit our chaotic environment but influence its future as well. We tend to be rather good at seeing what should change and why, but life becomes much more difficult when trying to figure out the how. It used to be how-type challenges were about improving quality, achieving incremental growth, tweaking a program, or coming up with a better way to do this or that.… Read more Upside Down Thinking

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Nelson Mandela’s 7 Leadership Lessons

To read the entire posting go HERE (1) Master your meaning and your emotions (2) Treat the losers with dignity and turn them into partners (3) Shift perspectives through symbolism and shared experiences (4) Embody the spirit of Ubuntu* (5) Everybody feels bigger in your presence (6) Build a sustainable fellowship around your cause (7) Bottle the dream for future generations * “Mandela talked about bringing ‘the spirit of Ubuntu: that profound African sense that we are human only through the humanity of other human beings.’ In a thread that… Read more Nelson Mandela’s 7 Leadership Lessons

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