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Category: Organizational Development

Collaboration: convergence to create new value

Do a Google search on “collaboration” and the majority of hits you generate will actually be about collaboration tools or software, not the activity of collaboration. This is similar to the concept of customer relationship management. Search for that phrase and you end up with a litany of CRM software tools.  I would not suggest collaboration or CRM technologies are not good tools to have, but they are just that: tools. Collaboration is about people. These people may represent organizations and do so well, but ultimately organizational action is all… Read more Collaboration: convergence to create new value

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Why Planning Goes Wrong

The biggest reason plan’s fail is that people don’t do the plan. They don’t do it because they have not collectively embraced it, have not structured their work to do it, and are not spending the time and effort to make changes in behavior to do it. This is why all strategic planning consultants and writers will tell you that a plan’s success depends on the unwavering leadership and involvement of the CEO. If that is absent, the change required to bring plans to life will not happen. A second… Read more Why Planning Goes Wrong

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About Visioning

This is a second posting in the series about Mission, Visioning and Values. See our first posting on “Mission” here. Vision. Without it, we bump into things; we stumble and fall and ultimately can’t be certain if where we end up is where we want to be. It’s a powerful and sometimes provocative word. It has numerous meanings. Being able to see what is before you AND being able to conjure up an image of the future are among the definitions or connotations of “vision.” Picturing your future reality From… Read more About Visioning

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About Mission Statements

Years back when I taught strategic planning, I had this debate with one of my consulting colleagues. He was adamant that a mission statement should be brief so that it could be committed to memory and therefore engrained in someone’s mind. He felt the same way about vision statements, though he felt they could be somewhat longer. My position was, and still is, that mission and vision statements should fit your organization, its culture, and if that can be done in a dozen words, great! But if it takes more… Read more About Mission Statements

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Quote of the Day

A company can’t will itself to be agile. Agility is an emergent property that appears when an organization has the right mindset, the right skills, and the ability to multiply those skills through collaboration. To count agility as a core competence, you have to embed it into the culture. You have to encourage an enterprisewide appetite for radical ideas. You have to keep the company in a constant state of inventiveness. It’s one thing to inject a company with inventiveness. It’s another thing to build a company on inventiveness. To… Read more Quote of the Day

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