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Category: Organizational Development

Why Strategic Planning Goes Wrong

reprinted by request As a consultant, executive staff member, board director, and teacher, I have had the opportunity to engage in a lot of strategic planning. I think about it, research it, and look for ideas to make it work better than how it tends to work. It has always bothered me to know that more often than not strategic planning efforts go awry. In another article I wrote on this topic, I stated the biggest reason why strategic plans fail is that people don’t do them. While there is… Read more Why Strategic Planning Goes Wrong

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Let’s Stop Assuming Non-Profits Should Just Be Run Like a Business.

It is not uncommon for business leaders or entrepreneurs to suggest that charities need to behave more like business. Of course non-profit operations should be based on sound financial and management principles and practices, but I suggest blanket statements like “be more like business” ignore some fundamental differences between private and non-profit sector organizations. Often this advice is offered pejoratively, as if such business-minded people believe that non-profits lack business-savvy and consequently are inefficient or at least could be run much more effectively.  There’s another angle on this: business-savvy tends… Read more Let’s Stop Assuming Non-Profits Should Just Be Run Like a Business.

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Article top pick at Customer Think

I got this email today from the editor of Customer Think: Congratulations! Your post made my “Top 10” list for the past week: Watch out for the pendulum swing This week’s Advisor email newsletter will feature your post as an Editor’s Pick. Thanks for contributing to CustomerThink! Bob Thompson Founder/CEO The posting cited is right below this one, but I encourage you to check out Bob’s site.

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Honouring the Past

History speaks to us of our journey, the high points, the low points, the times of transtion, funding milestones and so on. For those who have been with an organization for a long time as well as those new to the agency it can be really helpful to do a histogram. Histograms are exploratory tools typically used for the graphical display of data or in other words pictures of data. Some of the work I have done lately has involved creating variations of the typical hisotgram that highlight key historical turning… Read more Honouring the Past

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Beliefs and Values – What’s the Diff?

Generally, a belief is a conviction.  It is expressed because one has confidence in the truth or existence of something (regardless of proof). Examples: Belief in God, that the soul exists, karma, when life begins, the right to bear arms, that welfare recipients are lazy, that everyone has a right to health care, women are smarter than men….You get the picture! Values are built on beliefs. Values are action-oriented and govern the way we behave, communicate, and interact with others.  For example, we might value respect for others, accountability, transparency,… Read more Beliefs and Values – What’s the Diff?

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Principles of Collaboration

We all know collaboration is at the heart of making positive change in society. We know this because the range and depth of change needed to improve conditions for people and communities will only be accomplished through working together within and beyond each of our sectors. We know that social improvements are tied to ecomomic improvements and vice versa. No one entity can go it alone. Life’s issues and challenges are too complex and vast to assume otherwise. To go off topic for a moment, the call of collaborative  and… Read more Principles of Collaboration

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