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Automobile-Centric Development and Parking Requirements

Cross posted – also available at Please consider following that blog if you want to keep up to date on my work at the Edmonton Community Development Company. ——– Strong Towns is an American movement that a colleague turned me on to the other day,  and it is not only a provocative movement, it offers an array of new thinking about the rules that cities and towns have when it comes to development, whether housing and business development or the inclusion of city services in an area like a… Read more Automobile-Centric Development and Parking Requirements

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Affordable Housing is a solution not a problem

The City of Edmonton has launched a new website about the need for more affordable housing located across the city in order to ensure that all citizens have a safe and affordable place to live. When people have to spend too much of their income on housing, they are forced to let other things go. Often they have to reduce the quality and quantity of their food, for example. They may have to reside in run down housing operated by uncaring landlords, which can pose safety and health risks. Fear for one’s… Read more Affordable Housing is a solution not a problem

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“Hey Maureen, what do you think about the new hockey arena?” “I don’t think about it. I am too busy. Besides I can’t afford to go to hockey games.” “There’s going to be a lot of big restaurants and a big outside area for eating food and stuff.” “Yeh, I read that.  Can’t afford doing that either.” “What about the new arts district and the museum? “I suppose it’s nice for folks who got some extra money. I have never been in a museum.” “Everybody’s saying all of this will… Read more TALKING ABOUT THE ARENA AND OTHER DEVELOPMENT

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